Aphelion’s Blog

Welcome Home

When you walk through the door of Aphelion for the first time, we like to say “Welcome Home”. Then we do our best to make you feel that way every time you come. We strive to bring you a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and take a moment or two to unwind with your favorite premium cigar and to fellowship with other cigar aficionados. As you know, we also like to have fun! That is why we bring you Aphelion After Dark and Jazz Night!

It is the goal of the staff and owners of Aphelion Cigar Lounge to assure that you feel at home in our lounge. We strive to learn as much about cigars as possible, both in and out of the humidor. The next step is sharing that knowledge so you all know as much about cigars as we do, if not more. In the near future we will be holding a cigars 101 class but in the meantime, Aphelion family will be bringing you weekly reviews and information about all the cigars you can find in the humidor.

As always, we appreciate your feedback!

Until next time, put some smoke in the air!