Who is Aphelion Cigars?   What’s in a name?

Aphelion is the point in the orbit of a planet or comet where it is farthest from the Sun. The Earth reaches its aphelion when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing summer.  It usually occurs sometime around July 4th.

The word aphelion derives from the Greek words, apo meaning away, off, apart and Helios (the Greek god of the sun).

Aphelion Cigars wants to bring you, the cigar lover, closer to your relaxation and peace – your Sun.

Aphelion Cigars delivers a sensory experience…

  • Sight – Consistent color, smoothness, and sheen of the wrapper
  • Touch – Texture of the cigar’s wrapper
  • Smell – Scent of the humidor; scent of the lit cigar
  • Sound – the subdued crackle as you light your cigar, the soft exhalation as you release the smoke
  • Taste – the smoke in your mouth; the rich bouquet of flavors; the finish

…in a place you can call your own.

Aphelion Cigar lounge spaces for members